Uses of Lime

  • Preparation of Nickel Prisms: Iceland spar(?), which is a type of calcium carbonate, is used to prepare Nickel prisms in microscopes, photometers and colorimeters.
  • Preparation of fertilizers: the poor type of lime is used in alkaline production industry, and is also used as fertilizers in lands without lime (and as fertilizers in lime-free lands)

Preparation of glass: in the glass making industry, pure calcite is added to glass melt and resulting carbonic gas from glass melting (the carbon dioxide resulting from its melting) causes homogeneous molten mass of glass melt.

Application of glass   Chemical Industry

 In chemical industry, lime is used as raw material and in addition it is used also to neutralized acid, as a melting acid, alkalizing agent, moisture absorbent, and adhesion agent, etc. This type of lime should contain high percentage of calcium.

Preparation of Limestone Powder

Limestone with a high percent of calcium carbonate is prepared in stone factories and is supplied in the market as limestone powder.

Use in Cement Industry

Limestone is widely used in industries. Cement mixture in the form of lime, clay, iron, gypsum and silica which is cured with different percentages of materials, the resulting product turns into cement after crushing and mixing with water.

Other Applications (uses) of Limestone

An example of very fine-grained limestone that is known as lithographic stone is being widely applied in printing industry. limestone is used in toothpaste making, sieving, rubber manufacturing and perfumery.

Concepts of Slaked Lime and lime Water

Whenever water is poured in calcium oxide (quick lime), it reacts with water and produces heat. Then some (of the) water evaporates. In this process, the lime swells due to the absorption of water, and then it turns into a white powder, which is called slaked lime, because in contact with water, it no longer reacts and this process is called lime slaking. Whenever some water is added to slaked lime, it turns into lime water, which if it is filtered, it produces a clear solution. In fact, it is a saturated solution of calcium hydroxide in water which is known as limewater. Lime water has many applications in chemical industry. It is used in preparation of Sodium hydroxide, ammonia, metal hydroxide, Percholorin, and especially in extracting magnesium from sea water.

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